Each Crew is the heartbeat of any Operations ,  Good planning can make the difference between having a great day on set or having delay or Waiting on  the project , With KGGC  Crew Change Service Line  You ll be assured of the safe and secure services Locally &  Internationally , Having  Peace  Of Mind  of the Planned and Smooth Crew Change For Ever  ,  Sudden Changes, Cancellation Or any Services Required down To the Line is the Nature of the Operations, KGGC Is Your Trusted Hand To arrange and manage the Last Moment Required Support Services.

KGGC has a Brilliant track record in Providing Complete Range of End To End Crew Logistics and Crew Change Operations Handling and Managing . Our Service quality is proven by careful Supervision and in time Preparation of the Planned Operations.

We Offer Turnkey Solutions in End to End Crews Mobilization to Iranian Offshore Operations Zones  , Crew Change Operations Management along with Full Airport  Support  Services Tailored and Customized for Each Client Needs.

KGGC Crew Service Line  & Crew Change Operations Management 

  • Integrated Travel & Pre – Arrival Arrangements for In & Outbound Crews  .
  • Rotation Planning – Mob & Demobilization Service Arrangement.
  • Airport & Seaport Clearance Handling on Arrival & Departure .
  • Medical, Emergency & Medevac Handling Services
  • POB Clearance Handling Services On any Rig Move In & Out From the Local Waters .
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