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Our Company Overview and Our Core Business

Kish Golden Gate is a Private Joint Stock Company registered and licensed in 2003 by Kish FTZ authorities and provides Offshore Support and Logistics Services to all the local and international Oil, Gas and Helicopter Companies in the Region.

Kish Golden Gate as an offshore support service provider company presents three major Logistics Support Services, we provide Full Crew Change Handling and Managing, Helicopter Flights Ground Handling also Port and Customs Handling Services, meanwhile as an Onshore Support Services we supply our clients, their base office and crewmembers with the equipments, requirements, and facilities in setting up and running their operations in Kish Island.

Our philosophy as an Offshore Support Services company keeps our position as a Hanling Agent Company for any On and Offsore projects and all the Oil and Gas Companies involved and operating in the any Iranian's fields like South Pars, Salman,  Assaloueh, Khark, Bahreghan and .... in all over Persian Gulf.

Our Vision
  •  We have a vision to provide a total handling On & Offshore services in an efficient and exceptional order to our clients every need
  • We take a collaborative approach to work with our clients; It is the best way to ensure that we understand their business completely and also the only way to guarantee that our solutions match our customer's needs
  • We are passionate about our duty and our goal is ambitious and applies throughout our entire operations


Our Mission
  • To be reliable partner with our clients in any oil and gas projects by providing our services in the safest, fastest, and cost-effective manner
  • To participate in our client's projects, Forging mutually beneficial and lasting relationship with them
  • To excel regionally in terms of efficiency, reliability, and customer's satisfaction in order to become a leading offshore support services provider company in the competitive, service driven market


2004-2008 Kish Golden Gate Company

Kish Golden Gate Company : Our Company Overview