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Kish Golden Gate Company is An Asset Based 03rd Party Logistic Service Provider In Kish FTZ Island – Iran , The Company Established in 2003 With the Objectives of Providing Quality Project Management , Consultancy & Logistics Service and Solutions to The Iranian Oil and Gas Operations in Persian Gulf . As the Logistics Service Provider Partner for the States and Int. Companies , We Have been involved in the Major EPC Projects in South Pars and also in the Other High Profile Operational fields Like Salman , Sirri , Bahreghan and Khark in Persian Gulf . KGGC is a Company with Integrated Capabilities , In-House Expertise and Onsite Capacity all at the Clients Disposal to Meet and Exceed any Operations Expectations.

Project Management

There are different ways to Run the Logistics Needs in any Offshore Operations But No Process Can be substitute Sound without Throughout Planning , Dedicated Teamwork , quality supervision and Attention to the details , Kish Golden Gate Company as the Reliable Operational Partner is always there to do the Job , KGGC Is the One To be aLong with you from the Project Start to the Full Run Operations and up to the end , Kish Golden Gate Company intention in every project is to maximize the value delivered to the client by consistently providing quality solutions and exploiting experience from other projects in the energy industry. We Provide the Service You Expect & the Quality You Deserve and We share this Pride in Your Operations.


Kish Golden Gate Company has been serving Iranian Offshore industry for many Years . We Provide Full Range Of Quality Logistics Solutions to the EPC Projects , Offshore Rigs , Vessels and Crews all in the safest, fastest, and cost-effective manner , As the leading provider of the Logistics Services , Shore & Offshore Service Supplier to the Oil and Gas industries in the region We bring all the Clients Logistics Needs Together In One Place , Providing Streamlined Services and Simplify the Operations by offering the Turnkey Solutions that mainly Focused On Crew Logistics and Crew Change Operations Management Air & Marine Logistics Management along with The Shore & Offshore Base Procurement & Supply Services .

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